Photo: Manfred Wegener



1962 –
Born in Florida, with Allemanic mother and Anglophone father. Lived while little in Austria and Britain, then school and university in New Zealand. BA in English (at Auckland) 1981.
Composition, painting and theatrical happenings. Attempts at guitar and vocals in experimental pop-punk music. Stapled poetry pamphlets.

1982 –
Moved to England and later Europe. Failed fiction.
Started studies (at Basle) in medieval music, theory and philosophy.
Played lute and sang, specializing in 15th century courtly polyphony.

1987 –
Studies in ancient and oral poetry to develop a naive poetics. Adoption of classical measures and strictures for experiments in polytheistic thinking and celebratory form as physical rhythm. The metaphysical, nevertheless, was not to be avoided.

1989 –
Became a father in northerly English moorlands. First series of poetry collections, later brought together as The Manifold Troper and Odes & Episodes (2002).
Regular readings.

1995 –
Tendency for a nostalgic high modernism reactively resulted in the apotropaic polyphonic poem in 14 canti, Easter Rex, a fission and fusion of personality and history.
Withdrawal with family to Germany. From now on writing only under various pseudonyms, a project later to be collected as Creuption.
Sporadic text & music performances: 13 Neumes and The Perfect Larva.

2001 –
Started annual poetry and poetics pseudo-periodical Drone Fascicle. 5 issues.

2005 –
New irregular communal periodical planned, entitled
Po/emic Po/itics. With continuing Themes: verse & thought, sex & religion, landscape & sociality.

Most recently: a piece of work included in the anthology of poems, The Thunder Mutters (ed. Alice Oswald, Fab & Fab).