mainly longer pieces (‘90-‘95), 294 pp.

This collection (a companion volume to The Manifold Troper) includes the Cardinal Odes, which mix colloquial diction in formal stricture, and Easter Rex, a long freeward structure in 14 books.

A fight to the death with the iambic line and ethos.

The material goes from high hill walking to Hölderlin, from Ezra, Oedipos, Christ and scansion to British history and tea ceremony.



1. cardinal odes

2. cardinaloid episodes

3. easter rex







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(NB: In this book the pages are numbered in the recto & verso system. Therefore only every second page carries the page number. (This system was typical in early codices, when the codex, or book of bound leaves, was superseding the continuous scroll.)

In other words, on each "opening" of the book which you will download, the recto is on the right side and carries the page number while the verso is on the left, the reverse of the preceding page, and is marked not with a page number but a Vo symbol. On page 4, for example, the Vo opposite, to the left of 4 recto, is 3 verso.

illustrations: A chart of the course of the Dart valley with city laws in archaic Doric carved in boustrophedon.
Akkadian head of Sargon the Great(?) with damozel fly.
Ode drafts and cuneiform lines from a Babylonian law code.