how i can read and you may write a poem
drone fascicle two (2002), 116 pp.

This volume is primarily an enquiry into the rationale of a single short strophe.
The material from Dan Tallis, Cecil Voss and N. Guy Ban asks the difference between x & y, nature & art, the mirror & love – or source & origin, feeling & mere flow.
How’s body given to the I that others say?




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respect © ruskin watts on all material

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Think of a long drone, full of all kinds of overtones. Maybe you can hardly hear it. It doesn’t make sense. Yet every bit you care to look at does, any part you take for itself. Music goes on.

A fascicle is a bundle, a little one, part of a presumable whole. It is a gathering of leaves, convenient to handle. A section has been taken, clearly, from a not necessarily determined volume. Think of a beechwood in winter, with mast and wind-snapped twigs crisp underfoot, with stiff and stained foliage.

Drone fascicle is an annual poetry and poetics periodical. It takes the form of a mythic being, if you like, head and shoulders of a human, but body of a horse or goat, fish or squid. Any place an author or curator cuts, there is a face. A fabulous creator is evoked. An imaginary poem is decided upon. Each ‘critical‘ genre begins with a head, in this way, as well, an individual chapter or a talk, but the tail is held in common. The edges remain monstrous and the rest tapers away.

illustrations: The strophe as first written and marked. RW with found object on Paros. (See the reverse of the title page for a word on this logo.) The ecliptic constellations Sagittarius and Capricorn, between which the event of this book unfolds.