excerpt of analogue, 122 pp.
drone fascicle three (2003)

An enquiry into the rationale of a sole short line. The two words of the title made up one line in a piece called Ode: 20/03, presented on the world wide web the day after allied hostilities began in Iraq. A browsing reader suddenly wonders. Who is this mother of civil Roman Imperium and cradle of culture? There's a feministic fury for re-definition of terms.

The material, signed by a single heteronym, covers a thousand ways not to say the word: via accounts, credit, creed, cultivation’s graft, combat and concupiscence.

Are love and war as inextricably implicated as natural power and spring-time vegetative attraction?

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respect © ruskin watts on all material

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Fancy Motto to all Venus material

phanes‘ ekphrasis
countenances face:

ishtar aka
the bunny laid – by
kenning revenue.


illustrations: Heuresis (the goddess of invention = discovery) presents the mandrake root (to Dioskurides), 17th century. Labyrinth, inscribed with the word TRUIA, from a 7th century BC Etruscan jug. RW before the fane of the Godsboys (Dioskuri), takers of cities.